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Introduction of QlikView 11

Fri, November 11, 2011

Qlikview 11

I expected Qlikview 11 to be released on 11/11/11, but it was announced on 10/11/11 ( one year after 10/10/10, the release date of Qlikview 10) and not release yet as of today. 

Qliktech also lunched new demo site with 12+ demos of Qlikview 11 Data Visualizations. Since Qliktech is public company we know the latest marketing parameters of Qliktech, which are impressive: about 1 million licensed users, 22000 customers in 100 countries, 1200+ partners, 1000+ employees, 65000+ QlikCommunity members, $315M revenue expected in 2011 (compare with $226M in 2010 and $157M in 2009, averaging 50% YoY revenue growth in last 6 years). Major factors of revenue: Europe (56%), Existing Customers (58%), Licenses (61%), Partners(52%). Qliktech expected to release Qlikview 11 before end of 2011 and here it is:

Update from QlikCommunity, 11/23/11: “QlikView 11 arrives!  … we are pleased to release the QlikView 11 to our customers & partners. QlikView 11 unveils brand new capabilities against 5 key themes… Regards, The QlikView R&D and Products Team”

 QlikView 11 introduces the comparative analysis by enabling the interactive comparison of user-defined groupings. Also now with comparative analysis business users have the power of creating any (own) data (sub)sets and decide which dimensions and values would define the data sets. Users can then view the data sets they have created side by side in a single chart or in different charts:


Collaborative Data Visualization and Discovery.

Also Qlikview 11 enables Collaborative Workspaces – QlikView users can invite others – even those who do not have a license – to participate in live, interactive, shared sessions. All participants in a collaborative session interact with the same analytic app and can see others’ interactions live, see


QlikView users can engage each other in discussions about QlikView content. A user can create notes associated with any QlikView object. Other users can then add their own commentary to create a threaded discussion. Users can capture snapshots of their selections and include them in the discussion so others can get back to the same place in the analysis when reviewing notes and comments. QlikView captures the state of the object (the user’s selections), as well as who made each note and comment and when. 

“Our vision for QlikView 11 builds on the fact that decisions aren’t made in isolation, but through social exchanges driven by real-time debate, dialog, and shared insight,” says Anthony Deighton, CTO and senior Vice President, Products at QlikTech. “QlikView 11’s social business discovery approach allows workgroups and teams to collaborate and make decisions faster by collectively exploring data, anywhere, anytime, on any device. Business users are further empowered with new collaborative and mobile capabilities, and IT managers will appreciate the unified management functionality that allows them to keep control and governance at the core while pushing usage out to the edges of the organization.”

New Features in Qlikview 11

Qlikview now is integrated (I think it is a big deal) with TFS – source control system from Microsoft. This makes me think that may be Donald Farmer (he left Microsoft in January 2011 and joined Qliktech) has an additional assignment to make it possible for Microsoft to buy Qliktech? [Dear Donald – please be careful: Microsoft already ruined ProClarity and some others after buying them]. Free QlikView 11 Personal Edition will be available for free download by the end of year.


Among new Qlikview features:

  • mentioned above Comparative Analysis
  • Collaborative Data Visualization
  • integration with TFS
  • granular chart dimension control.
  • Conditional Enabling (dynamic add/remove) dimensions and/or expressions/metrics
  • Grid Container to show multiple objects, including another containers
  • Metadata for Charts: annotations, tips, labels/keywords, comments, mouse-over pop-up labels
  • some new actions (including Clear Field)


Contact Practical Computer Applications via email, phone: 617-527-4722 x127 or
Request For Information regarding our Database, Data Analytics or Data Visualization consulting services.


Andrei Pandre, Ph.D., VP of Data Visualization, Practical Computer Applications


External References.

1. Qlikvew 11 Demo site: http://demo11.qlikview.com/  
2. New comparative analysis functionality
3. QlikView 11: Collaboration and Social Business Discovery in QlikView 11.
4. Free Qlikview 11 Personal Edition – download site

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