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Data Visualization 2011: Tableau 6.1

Mon, August 1, 2011

All three DV (Data Visualization) leaders updated their tools in 2011: today Tableau 6.1 was released as well as a client for iPad and Tableau Public for iPad.

In addition, Qliktech released Qlikview Clients for HTML5 and iPad earlier this year and soon will release Qlikview 11, TIBCO released Spotfire 3.3  in May 2011 (and as you can guess, a free Client for iPad).  Among other DV vendors the most significant in 2011 was the release of Visual Insight (as part of Microstrategy 9.2), and soon to be released SQL Server 2011. I hope Visokio will release Omniscope 2.6+ in 2011 (after 15+ months of so called public alpha testing). We have been alpha and beta testing Omniscope 2.6 for 15 months and we expect a release in September. I will blog about it in September after my vacation.

While all three (or four?) DV leaders deserved our attention, we decided to review Tableau 6.1 today for two reasons: it was released today and it is the only leading DV tool on the market that can read SSAS Multidimensional Cubes, as well as PowerPivot Multidimensional local Cubes and here at PRACTICAL we know that those Cubes are the best backend option for Data Analytics and BI applications.

New in Tableau 6.1
  • Incremental Data updates scheduled or on demand
  • Faster Text parser now can parse unlimited text files as data source (no 4GB limit)
  • Files larger than 2GB can now be published to Tableau Server
  • Impersonation for SQL Server and Teradata; 4 times faster Teradata reading
  • Tableau Server automatically enables touch, pinch, zoom and gesture UI for  Data Views
  • Native iPad app for Tableau is released, it can browse & filter content on Tableau Server
  • Server-Published View works with any Tableau client: web browser, mobile Safari,  iPad app
  • Tableau Server enforces the same (data and user) security on desktop, browser, iPad etc.
  • Straight links from an image on a dashboard, Control of Legend Layout etc.
New since Tableau 6.0,  more then 60 features, including:
  • Tableau now has in-memory Data Engine, which greatly improves I/O speed
  • Support for “big” data
  • Data blending from multiple sources
  • Unique support for local PowerPivot Multidimensional Cubes as Data Source
  • Support for Azure Datamarket and OData (Open Data Protocol) as Data Sources
  • Support for parameters in Calculations
  • Motion Charts and Traces (Mark History)
  • In average 8 times faster of rendering of Data Views (compare with previous version)
Tableau Product Family
  • Desktop: Personal ($999), Professional ($1999), Digital, Public.
  • Server:  Standard, Core Edition, Digital, Public Edition.
  • Free Client: Web Browser, Desktop/Offline Tableau Reader.
  • Free Tableau Reader enables Server-less distribution of Visualizations!
  • Free Tableau Public served 20+ millions visitors since inception

Tableau Server
  • Easy to install: 13 minutes + optional 10 minutes for firewall configuration
  • Tableau has useful command line tools for administration and remote management
  • Scalability: Tableau Server can run (while load balancing) on multiple machines
  • Straightforward licensing for Standard Server: minimum 10 users, $1000/user
  • With Core Edition Server License: unlimited number of users, no need for User Login
  • Digital Server Licensing based on impressions/month, allows unlimited data, Tableau-hosted.
  • Public Server License: Free, limited (100000 rows from flat files) data, hosted by Tableau.
Widest (and Tableau optimized) Native Support for data sources
  • Microsoft SSAS and PowerPivot: Excel Add-in for PowerPivot, native SSAS support
  • Native support for Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Excel, Azure Marketplace DataMarket
  • Other Enterprise DBMSes: Oracle, IBM DB2, Oracle Essbase
  • Analytical DBMSes: Vertica, Sybase IQ, ParAccel, Teradata, Aster Data nCluster
  • Database appliances: EMC/GreenPlum, Netezza
  • Many Popular Data Sources: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, ODBC, OData, Text files etc.
Contact PRACTICAL if you need further Tableau Consulting or planning to use Tableau as a front-end for your BI, Visual Analytics and Data Visualization applications.

Contact Practical Computer Applications via email, phone: 617-527-4722 x127 
or Request For Information regarding our Database, Data Analytics or Data Visualization consulting services.

Andrei Pandre, Ph.D., VP of Data Visualization, PracticalDb.com

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