Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics tools make it easier to understand data, extract actionable information and make informed, effective business decisions. If the data are hard to use or if information is hidden in spreadsheets, then much of the effort in creating a database application can be lost.

Sometimes, all that management needs is a business intelligence dashboard with simple charts that summarize the information stored in a database. In other cases, data visualization tools such as maps, bubble charts, and other tools with drill down and filtering capabilities provide insights where simple charts do not. Practical Computer Applications (PCA) helps users discover and provide business intelligence through effective data visualizations.

PCA’s Data Visualization, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Microsoft and BI Pages

Data Visualization Consulting BI and Analytics Microsoft and BI
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Trend Analysis Data Cube Optimization BI with Excel
Sparklines Interactive Data Visualization Excel and Analysis Services
Outlier Detection Qlikview Consulting Excel to Smart Client Conversion
Cluster Analysis Spotfire Consulting  MS Excel Web Applications
What is an Outlier? Tableau Consulting Data Warehouse with SQL Server


PCA’s goal is to make it easier for your users to grasp business information in an intelligent way. Outliers and trends can be spotted more easily.  Information that was hidden in the weeds becomes apparent with data visualization.   Overall, business intelligence tools help you make more informed and effective business decisions.

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