Data Cube Optimization

It really does not matter how informative or “cool” a data cube is.  If it takes too long to process the cube from the Data Warehouse (DW) or if it is impractically slow to browse the cube or move dimensions around the cube, then the cube will not be used. Performance problems (e.g., slow cube processing or slow cube browsing) are critical problems that analysis services consultants and business executives encounter. Cubes are computationally intensive. Practical Computer Applications (PCA) can help you find dimension, measure and aggregation configuration issues.  We have experience to help you tune your cube, DW and the relational database design to improve cube processing time.

Another technique, cube slicing, effectively provides improvements in cube browsing speed. Normally, a cube user does not need to see the entire cube at once. Users may only need to see a time slice (say last month’s data), or a geographic slice (my sales region for example), or similar. Effectively slicing cubes in such a way that the user only sees the portion of the cube they need has the effect of increasing speed dramatically.

PCA can help you determine the best back end and front end tools for your data and applications. Contact us directly at 617-527-4722 or visit the contact us page.

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