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Energy and Utilities

Practical Computer Applications (PCA) has designed and developed several custom Internet database applications for Clients in the Energy & Utilities industries. We work with clients in the energy sector to identify and exploit opportunities to economize operational performance, analyze production costs, quality of service and revenue data, decrease operational costs thru streamlined systems, and energy planning and forecasting solutions.

Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Inc. (CERA), an IHS company, is a leading adviser to international energy companies, governments, financial institutions, and technology providers. CERA delivers critical knowledge and independent analysis on energy markets, geopolitics, industry trends, and strategy.

PCA designed and developed a custom Liquid Natural Gas Sourcing and Pricing Analytics application that allows CERA analysts to provide comprehensive LNG Value Chain analytics to their customers worldwide. The solution incorporates a Smart Client application for CERA Analysts to manage data, integrated with an ASP.Net website and IHS Active Directory.

USALCO is a chemical manufacturer that produces high quality sodium aluminate, aluminum sulfate and other aluminum-based products.

PCA designed and developed a comprehensive ERP Smart Client suite, including: Inventory, Purchase Order, Quotation, Distribution and Procurement Management applications.

Custom database solutions can encompass any aspect of the energy value chain data management needs, from upstream energy exploration, extraction and production, through midstream pipelines, storage and transport, to downstream energy refinement and associated distribution and retail activity.

Opportunities for profitable business exist along the entire value chain, and in our experience, especially those activities that are considered ancillary to the core production processes. PCA specializes in migrating highly-customized MS Access/MS Excel Energy data management systems that our clients have outgrown — to streamlined, simple to use, and cost-effective Internet database applications.

  • Accounting & financial reporting for energy industry operations
  • Construction, supply and maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Electric utility SCADA operational reporting and analysis
  • Field service resource provisioning, scheduling and QOS tracking
  • Energy and utility data tracking, charting and reporting for multiple locations
  • Utility cost and consumption data analysis and forecasting
  • Generating unit operational performance analysis
  • Energy trading and scheduling operations, load forecasting and power market analysis
  • Industrial energy consumption, billing, settlement, revenue management, usage and transaction management
  • Bill tracking, verification, allocation, targeting, budgeting, bill validation and auditing
  • Collect, manage, view, analyze and distribute energy market intelligence data

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