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Financial Services

Practical Computer Applications (PCA) has designed and developed a wide variety of custom database applications for clients in the Financial Services sector.  Financial services solutions are distinguished by unique and oftentimes complex database structures, financial calculations and work-flows — where data integrity and performance are essential to meet more advanced financial reporting and analytic needs.  Financial services solutions frequently involve customer-facing components to automate and streamline external data management, reporting and compliance functions.

The Capital Group Companies is one of the world’s largest investment management organizations. Five companies manage investments for millions of individuals and thousands of corporations and institutions.

CGC had ‘several hundred’ business-critical MS Access applications that were experiencing a variety of performance, data integrity and security issues. With a growing number of End Users, the company needed to migrate the MS Access applications to the SQL Server database. Following extensive vendor due diligence, PCA was selected by The Capital Group Companies to “write the book” on engineering best practices for internal CGC engineers to migrate internally-developed MS Access applications to the SQL Server & Oracle database platforms

RCB Fund Services — Richard C. Breeden, Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission from 1989 to 1993 — was appointed by the SEC and US Department of Justice (DOJ) to oversee institutional and individual investor fraud claims against many of the largest securities fraud and class action cases in US history.

PCA was engaged by RCB Fund Services to design and develop the claims administration and payment systems for WorldCom, Adelphia, Royal Dutch Shell, and Enron Victim Trust Funds, in accordance with the Fair Funds for Investors provision of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Unique aspects of the systems include complex fraud calculations, Bar-code based high volume document scanning and management, and offset printing service bureau integration.

Franklin Park is an independent, employee-owned private equity investment advisor. Franklin Park assists its clients in building and managing portfolios, including portfolio design and planning, investment sourcing, analysis and monitoring, and specialized research.

PCA designed and developed a customer-facing investor portal that empowered Franklin Park clients with on-demand access to investment performance and accounting reports with flexible data export capability, and dynamic IRR calculator to perform ad hoc queries and investment analyses

A Lehman Brothers Company, Cohane Rafferty maintains state-of-the-art analytical capabilities for stratifying and valuing mortgage servicing portfolios.

PCA designed and developed a variable-rate Mortgage Management System for their Retail Banking Division, and a custom solution for pooling and disaggregating bulk loan sales. Both projects required detailed assessment and reconciliation of current system capabilities against critical new business requirements.

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