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Practical Computer Applications (PCA) has extensive experience designing and developing custom database solutions for clients in the Insurance Industry — financial insurance, health insurance, life insurance and automobile insurance companies. Insurance Industry applications are distinguished by unique and oftentimes complex financial calculations and workflows, where data integrity and flexible reporting are essential ingredients to insurance pricing and quotation process. Insurance solutions frequently require partner- and customer-facing application components to automate and streamline the exchange of data, reporting and compliance functions.

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Liberty International Underwriters, a division of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company®, is a global specialty lines company with an emphasis on niche insurance products distributed through an independent broker network.

PCA designed and developed custom Smart Client insurance policy Pricing and Quotation Calculators for LIU’s Power Generator and Oil & Gas business units, which were previously managed via distributed Excel spreadsheets. The PCA solution provided a more efficient, repeatable, reliable and timely custom insurance quotation process.

Marsh is the world’s leading risk and insurance services firm, with nearly 30,000 employees and annual revenues exceeding $5 billion. Marsh provides global risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking, financial solutions, and insurance program management services for businesses, public entities, associations, professional services organizations, and private clients in over 100 countries.

PCA designed and developed a custom syndicated Insurance Policy Coverage (ICE) and analytics Smart Client application for Marsh’s Mass Tort & Complex Liabilities Consulting practice to replace an in-house MS Access system. The PCA solution includes several integrated internal- and external-facing application components that enable Marsh consultants and their clients to identify and analyze gaps, overlaps and special areas of interest within thousands of multi-layered, syndicated insurance policies. Among the many unique capabilities of the Marsh Smart Client solution: full-text insurance policy search (OCR), syndicated policy layer participation management, and a dynamic, interactive policy charting module.

Advest is one of the nation’s oldest Brokerage firms with an active investment banking practice. Advest’s investment advisory group provides customized balanced, equity and fixed-income portfolio management to high net-worth individuals and institutions.

PCA designed and developed a custom MS Access Database solution to manage M&A and financing lifecycle activities — from initial client prospecting, through the sales process to close and relationship management. Practical worked with Advest’s M&A department to design a solution from existing MS Excel spreadsheets.

Royal Administration provides automobile warranty service contract support services to automobile dealerships and other businesses that operate within the automotive industry.

PCA designed and developed a complete pre-owned vehicle Insurance Warrantee Claims Management System. PCA migrated Royal’s internal Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to a custom MS Access application with a SQL Server database back-end. The system supports continual use by ~50 users every day. Over the past five years, PCAl has been migrating components of the MS Access front-end application to .NET Smart Client to support more advanced business partner-facing capabilities.

FM Global is one of the world’s largest commercial and industrial property insurance and risk management organizations specializing in property protection.

PCA designed and developed a custom Legal Document Tracking and Management System Smart Client solution from scratch, that included full document versioning, attachments and reporting functions.