Data Visualization

Effective data visualization of your data provides actionable information for informed, forward-looking business decisions. What is data visualization?

This page provides a sitemap for the pages that describe the Data Visualization and Visual Analytics Consulting and Services provided by Practical Computer Applications (PCA)

Aspects of PCA’s Data Visualization Services

Consulting Services Training
Qlikview Consulting Data Visualization Services Tableau Training
Spotfire Consulting Interactive Data Visualization Tableau Training Manuals
Tableau Consulting BI & Analytics QlikView Training 
Analysis Excel Demos
Trend Analysis Data Charts in Excel 2007
Outlier Detection – What is an Outlier? Data Charts in Excel 2010
Cluster Analysis Embedding Excel in Web Pages
Chart Types Compare Tools Demos 
Business Dashboards Tableau vs Qlikview Data Visualization Demos
Motion Chart Tableau vs Spotfire Tableau Demo
Time Series OEM Partners – Bundling Software Spotfire Demo


What type of data patterns is your company trying to visualize?

We provide more information on analyzing trends, outliers, clusters, and providing sparklines, dbusiness dashboards, data mining, data cube and data warehousing.

What is your company’s underlying database?

Read about our database consulting for Smart Clients, SQL Server, MS Access and Excel. Do you have lots data? We are experts in big data analytics (BDA).

Other data visualization tools

Read about how PCA uses data visualization software for client BI applications: Qlikview, Spotfire, Tableau 6.1, Compare data visualization tools.

If you are interested in professional presentation of your data and all the analysis capabilities of today’s data visualization and BI tools contact us.


View our interactive Data Visualization Demos: