Data Charts in Excel 2010

When Practical Computer Applications (PCA) designs a custom application, we discover our customer needs, develop or migrate their database, design data collecting forms, implement business logic, data and workflows and create reports and data visualization. These data visualizations using multiple interactive, synchronized data views, allow users to explore, analyze, pivot and drill down into their data and discover patterns, trends, outliers, clusters and other relationships.

Below we demonstrate simple data views in the form of charts using Excel 2010; the visitor can choose to review a screenshot of each data view or simply download an Excel 2010 spreadsheet with the chart and decide if such a data view is appropriate. The choice of chart depends on what the end user needs to see about the data (Composition, Distribution, Comparison or Relationship) and the dimensionality of the subsets of the dataset.

Demo Download (click one of 8 small Images below for Excel-based Demo)

Image of Pie Chart Bar Chart Line Chart
Doughnut Chart Column Chart Radar Chart

We are demonstrating charts (please click small images above) using Excel 2010.

For Excel 2003-2007 users, please go to a page showing Data Charts in Excel 2007.

If you like Office Live, please go to a page showing Excel Visualizations over the Web.

If you click on thumbnails below, it will lead you to more data visualizations.

Excel WebApp – Sparklines:

Excel WebApp – Excel Dashboard:

Excel Web Application: Safety Incident Dashboard

Our experience with data visualization projects shows the limitations of Excel, which can be solved by Smart Client (.NET) or custom (can be Office Live, Qlikview, Spotfire, Omniscope, Tableau etc.) application development, where PCA has advanced expertise.

Many users and data visualization applications demand that more than one chart be shown simultaneously on the same page/window/tab which leads (together with requirement to synchronized the content of all visible charts) to the concept and implementation of custom dashboards. See an example of a Business Dashboard.

PCA can help you determine the best back end and front end tools for your data and applications. Contact us directly at 617-527-4722 or visit the contact us page.

See additional data visualization demonstrations.