QlikView Training and Consulting

PCA provides QlikView training as part of our QlikView Consulting services.   We offer “consultative training” in lieu of offering a QlikView training course “classroom” style course.  There are many excellent providers of QlikView training courses and QlikView Online Training to help you learn the basic mechanics for how to use QlikView.  We get “hands-on” with our QlikView Consultants to help you work through your specific QlikView problems.

We offer “consultative” QlikView Training, using your databases, and your QlikView Dashboard Visualizations meeting with your team to provide advanced QlikView Training and QlikView Developer Training.   We help you take your QlikView dashboards to the next level and provide knowledge transfer so that you can maintain your QlikView documents!

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For example, we’ve noticed that QlikView users are often lost in the data even after they have had some basic training in a QlikView Training Course.

The problems QlikView Developers and QlikView Analysts encounter and often need help with are:

  • Where do I find my data?  How is my data organized?
  • I need a better ETL process!!!  Help!
  • How do I connect to the right data?
  • How do I navigate QlikView Associations — HELP again!
  • How do I properly load and optimize data into QlikView?
  • My data isn’t formatted properly, or I don’t seem to have the right data — how can I transform the data into data usable for QlikView?
  • How do I optimize my QlikView Dashboards?
  • My data loads are locking up or freezing my computer.  Help!
  • How do I scale my QlikView documents so they don’t use all my memory and freeze my computer!

We’ve noticed that sometimes QlikView developers create too many dashboards and workbooks.  QlikView Analysts become overwhelmed by the many QlikView Documents they have built which end up all over the place and need to be organized, consolidated and parameterized in such a way as to reuse the charts and dashboards.   PCA’s QlikView Training can help you organize and consolidate your workbooks so they are easier to maintain.

QlikView can do quite complex calculations.   That doesn’t mean QlikView should do those calculations though!  Complex calculations can significantly slow down, or even lock up QlikView visualizations.   PCA QlikView trainers and consultants can help figure out how to optimize these calculations and/or move them to the appropriate level where they can be most efficient.   This can result in a 10x or 100x QlikView performance increase, or even more!

Practical Computer Application (PCA) can support your advanced needs for QlikView-based Data Visualizations as part of our QlikView Training and Consulting services.

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