Spotfire Consulting

Spotfire is one of the three or four most advanced Data Visualization tools. Spotfire has the best web-based Zero-Footprint AJAX Client (ZFC) called Web Player, one of the best in-memory database technology (scalable with unlimited ability to extend dataset from RAM to disk), and interactive synchronized charts. Spotfire has advanced analytical capabilities, including full support for extremely popular (free, open source) statistical R Library, and it’s commercial sibling S-Plus, very rich API (including full C# and .NET SDK) and support for extensive scripting (e.g. IronPython).

Practical Computer Application (PCA) has extensive knowledge of the Spotfire toolset and successful experience developing BI, Visual Analytics and Dashboard applications with Spotfire.

  • enterprise grade of visual analytics
  • scalable and fast in-memory data engine
  • SaaS and web interfaces to analytical applications and dashboards
  • advanced statistical applications and modeling

To see a live Demo of this Interactive Dashboard built in Spotfire, please click the image below and then use the tabs across the top to see different views. Getting the data into the right format for easy visualization is the most challenging part of the process and PCA’s extensive database experience makes it easier. Feel free to interact with the displays and then contact us to visualize your data!

PCA can help you determine the best back end and front end tools for your data and applications. Contact us directly at 617-527-4722 or visit the contact us page.

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