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  • "Sometimes it's the things you don't ask for
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Database Services: Design, Develop, Convert, & Audit

Practical Computer Applications (PCA’s) database consulting services are designed to solve your unique and complex business needs. We can help whether you need

Our solid track record and reputation were built over nearly 20 years for delivering outstanding database-driven applications.  Our expert team consists of more than 20 top professionals in their field — database consultants, business analysts, application designers, SQL database and .NET engineers, project managers and test engineers.  Our consultants truly understand the inner workings of MS Excel,  MS Access, MS SQL Server, MS Smart Clients and the .NET framework. While every consulting project is unique, it is likely that we have experience solving problems similar to yours.

One difference is that we understand that a database is worthless if it is not used.  So, while coding is very important, meeting the business objectives is critical.  Our team always begins by understanding the business problem to be solved. In addition, we generally build a working prototype for your users to try. In that way, you can know that your solution will work in your environment.

Here are some of the areas of our database consulting expertise:

  • Data Entry: We know that a system is only as good as the data that is in it.  Therefore, the data entry process must be simple.  For example, sales people are notorious for not completing forms.  We create  data entry that is easy to use and designed to fit their work flow.
  • The Database:  An effective database architecture is critical and is one of the areas where we have significant expertise.  We create  high performance, distributable databases that are structured to handle heavy use for many years into the future.
  • The Software:  We are one of the nation’s leading consultants in Microsoft database applications.  Our team truly understands the inner workings of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, the Microsoft .NET framework, and Microsoft Smart Clients.  We get the most out of these applications.
  • Reporting:  The most effective applications present data in a form that makes it easy to make intelligent business decisions.  The PRACTICAL approach brings the right tools for the project.  In some cases, simple reports or integration into Crystal Reports is the best bet.  In other cases, sophisticated dashboards and visualization tools make it easiest to make decisions.

Our Service Offerings

PCA’s database consultants can handle entire development projects or assist with your efforts.  Our experience and skill mean that we generally solve problems faster, with higher quality, and at lower cost than the competition.  Here is a list of the services we offer:

The Database Tools

We are experts in the deployment of:

Some of the applications we have developed using these tools include the following:

  • Financial Services: Portfolio Management, Vintage Loan Analysis, Banking and Loan service management, Investment Sourcing and Analysis, SarBox compliance
  • Insurance: Financial insurance, Health insurance, Life insurance and Automobile insurance Pricing, Quotation,Claims Processing, Reporting and Risk Analysis
  • Healthcare & Medical Device: Patient Scheduling & Invoicing, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), New Drug & Device Development, Lab Research, Clinical Trials, ISO and FDA compliance
  • Legal Administration: Class Action Litigation Support, Claims Management & Payment Processing, Public & Private Settlement Fund Distribution, Document and Records Management
  • Media & High Tech: Product Testing & QA, Email Campaign Management, Directory Systems, Budget & Contract Management, Digital Asset Management
  • Energy & Utilities: Telco Maintenance Services, Oil & Gas, Electric Power, Chemicals, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Supply- and Value-Chain Analytics
  • Supply Chain & Logistics: Raw goods Sourcing, Orders, Production, Inventory and Distribution, Straight-Through-Processing and Logistics, KPI Metrics and Performance Reporting
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs): Internet-enabled Database product offerings, SaaS License Management, Integrated Reporting, Automated Deployment & Maintenance
  • Universities & Higher Education: Classroom registration, Alumni Tracking and Event management, Student Enrollment, Ombuds Case Management tracking and reporting

For more information, call us today at (617) 527-4722 or use the live chat in the upper right corner. We look forward to speaking with you.