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Smart Client Applications

With a SQL Server back-end and Microsoft .Net front-end User Interface, the Microsoft Smart Client system enjoys the same high level of application security, reliability, data integrity and scale advantages of the Client-Server method, is fully Internet-enabled like a Browser-based application, and supports the full rich User Interface of MS Windows applications.

Practical Computer Applications (PCA) frequently recommends Smart Clients to our customers, primarily because this approach offers the best advantages available to both I/T and End Users, and Smart Client applications are frequently less expensive to develop than MS Access-based applications (and are approximately half the cost of Browser-based applications).

Smart Client Application Scorecard

# End Users Unlimited Anywhere an Internet connection is available
Deployment LAN and Internet Anywhere an Internet connection is available
Performance Excellent Desktop-like performance and usability
Reliability Excellent SQL Server design-dependent
Data Integrity Excellent Assumes proper use of SQL Server database constraints and keys
Security Excellent SQL Server design-dependent
Data Limit Unlimited SQL Server datastore
Maintenance Low Standard SQL Server maintenance
# of Records Unlimited SQL Server datastore
Internet Access Yes Anywhere an Internet connection is available

Smart Client Applications: a True Merger of the Desktop and the Internet

Smart Client applications (aka “Rich Internet Applications”) look and perform just like Microsoft Office/Desktop applications — but they are deployed, automatically maintained, and enable real-time SQL Server Database sharing directly over a secure Internet.