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SQL Server Performance Tuning

Have you experienced an increase in the number of users who complain about slow and unreliable service from your MS SQL Server database? Performance often slows down and becomes unreliable as the number of users increase or the size of the database grows.

The first instinct may be  to simply throw more money at faster server hardware.  That can provide a small amount of short-term relief. However, the result is typically limited to minimal, incremental improvements in database performance.

SQL Server Performance Audits show that database design is almost always the root cause of poor performance and poor data integrity.  Design elements that need to be optimized in tuning a SQL server application may include one or more of the following:

  • Poorly structured (de-normalized) Tables
  • Poorly-defined field Relationships; lack of proper Referential Integrity
  • Improper use (or lack of) Data Validation Constraints
  • Improper use (or lack of) Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Improper use, lack of, or over-use of Indexes
  • Poorly coded Stored Procedures, Triggers and Views
  • Poorly coded / inefficient use of Queries
  • Inefficient and/or buggy application code

Practical Computer Applications (PCA) has SQL database consultants that have extensive experience tuning SQL Server applications for optimal performance and reliability.  We know how to get optimal performance, reliability, and data integrity from your MS SQL Server database application. Our tuning process starts with a SQL Server performance audit.  We know what to look for.  We can then apply the most effective remedial database engineering techniques to tune up your database to speed up and stabilize your MS SQL Server business application.

The first step is a SQL Server Performance Audit which can determine the underlying causes or your issues and if we can solve them, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Read about a SQL Server Performance Audit or call us today at (617) 527-4722.