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SQL Server Performance Audits

Our Professional SQL Server Audit Service reports problems and suggests solutions associated with:

·         SQL Server Query Tuning/Optimization

·         SQL Server Index Tuning/Optimization

·         SQL Server Execution Plan Tuning/Optimization

·         Overall Database Performance

·         Data and Structural Integrity Problems

·         Maintenance Issues

·         Best Practices

Usually, we can acheive a 300% performance improvement in your database with simple to implement suggestions, and for really poorly optimized SQL Server databases, we can acheive orders of magnitude improvement!

Let Practical Computer Applications (PCA) perform an engineering audit. Our SQL Server Engineering team will perform a thorough assessment of your SQL Server database for SQL database improvements. We will identify any design and implementation issues that are impediments to your database application. We then recommend the appropriate remedial engineering techniques necessary for a stable, high performance SQL system that is more cost-effective to maintain and extend.

The PCA SQL Audit methodology checks the entire database, including every table, every index, every column, every procedure and function for various performance and integrity problems that we have known in the past to cause problems or otherwise not conform to best practices.

EXAMPLE CHART: Database Reads vs Writes for each Database Index

Here we provide one example of a chart used to highlight many problems with an existing database index design.  All the indexes in the system are plotted as bubbles and show labels when you hover over the bubble.  The x-axis  show the # of database Reads, and the y-axis on # of Writes (database updates).  The axes are log based, and we’ve put a multiplier of 10 on Reads to give a “benefit of the doubt” to occasionally read tables. Those indexes in red above the diagonal are generally speaking “bad” with a lot of writing going on, and with few reads, while those in green below the line are “good”.  Darker green is better, darker red is worse.  The size of the bubbles indicates the size of the index.

  SQL Audit Example -Database Reads vs Writes for each Database Index

SQL Audit Example -Database Reads vs Writes for each Database Index

 Several other data visualizations are constructed as part of the audit to highlight specific issues in the database.

If you’d like this type of insight into your database performance contact PCA.

Audit Scope

The scope of the Engineering audit is the database configuration, data structures, indexes, procedures, and dynamic performance.  The audit looks at the performance characteristics, integrity characteristics, maintainability, and standards and best practices of the SQL Server Database. From the audit, we can gather enough information to make recommendations for many configuration and Index changes, and will point to areas that need improvement at the code level.  

Read about the process and value of a SQL Server Audit .

For more information, contact us.