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SQL Database Improvements

Practical Computer Applications (PCA) provides SQL Server Engineering Audit services to determine the underlying design (architecture) and implementation (coding) root-causes behind poor SQL Server performance, data integrity, security, and system reliability issues.

The root-cause behind most SQL Server issues can often be traced to the SQL Server database design itself. It can also be due to the absence or misuse of proper SQL Server engineering methods. It is rarely the case that simply throwing more hardware at the problem will resolve these underlying issues.

SQL Server applications can involve a number of variables and moving parts, such as database architecture, table structures, coding techniques, application-side code, third-party controls, web services, server hardware resources and configuration, network and IP. It is quite common for problems and bottlenecks to occur in more than on area of the system. This is why it is critically important that an evaluation take into consideration all of these variables, so as to avoid spending time and money on areas that have marginal impact on the quality of the system.

To make sure that we cover all potential problems, PCA employs a SQL Server Audit Template to determine the issues that impair system performance, data integrity, availability, security, and overall system maintainability.

Read more about the benefits of a SQL Audit or call us at 1-877-843-3405 or use our form to request a free initial consultation.