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Hybrid Smart Client-Browser Applications

Hybrid Smart Client-Browser applications provide interfaces to your database from both your intranet (for internal users) through Smart Client applications, and on the internet (for end users) through a browser interface. While Smart Clients have a clear advantage in terms of advanced capabilities, ease-of-use, and rapid development at a reduced cost, we recognize that there are valid reasons (and needs) for browser-based business applications as well.  The primary reason: some businesses simply cannot dictate that all End Users install an application. In addition, sometimes a rich, highly-interactive End User experience is not needed.  Under these scenarios, Practical Computer Application (PCA) often creates “hybrid applications” that deliver the capabilities and benefits of both Smart Client and browser-based approaches. Smart Client applications are used by the business owner to create and maintain database records, and to manage all the application administrative functions, and the resulting database records and reports are made available to customers via the browser interface.

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Advantages of Microsoft Smart Clients