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MS SQL Server Performance Optimization

If your SQL Server database solution is up and running, but you are experiencing significant data reliability or performance problems, Practical Computer Applications (PCA) can help you discover the underlying design or implementation causes. Our proven SQL Server performance optimization techniques improve overall system performance and reliability.

A SQL Server can slow down and become unreliable as the number of users increase or the size of the database grows.  The first instinct is to simply throw more money at the server hardware. With the database design as the root cause however, this usually results in minimal, incremental improvements in database performance.

It is almost always the case that deficient database design issues are the root-cause of poor performance and poor data integrity, which can include one or more of the following:

  • Poorly structured (de-normalized) tables
  • Poorly-defined field relationships; lack of proper referential integrity
  • Improper use (or lack of) data validation constraints
  • Improper use (or lack of) primary and foreign keys
  • Improper use, lack of, or over-use of indexes
  • Poorly coded stored procedures, triggers, and views
  • Poorly coded or inefficient use of queries
  • Inefficient or buggy application code

PCA has extensive experience tuning SQL Server applications for optimal performance and reliability. Our expert database engineers can find the SQL Server slowdowns and apply proven remedial database design techniques to substantially increase database performance and improve data integrity. Read about our SQL Server Engineering Audit.