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    “The PCA crew is leagues above
    the competition” - Pepsico

  • "a prior vendor failed to develop
    the application, which (Practical) delivered." - Franklin Park

  • "the application (is) easier to use, with a
    much simpler, more intuitive use interface" - Royal Administration Services

  • "Sometimes it's the things you don't ask for
    that are important" - Royal Administration Services

  • "PCA turned our raw data and algorithms into easy to use
    and understand features and reports." - CareScout

  • "The quality and professionalism ... has been
    so outstanding that we want to send you a letter of thanks." - USALCO

  • "PCA people and applications stand out by
    far exceeding our expectations." - USALCO

  • "The resulting application greatly increas(ed)...
    our business effectiveness and efficiency." - The Advest Group

  • "PCA completes projects
    efficiently and effectively" - Pepsico

Our Process

In every case, Practical Computer Applications (PCA’s) process begins with a client coming to us to discuss a business problem or opportunity. We do not try to push a specific software application or solution in an attempt to make it fit. We never say that you can have it any color you want, as long as it is black.

Instead, we use our nearly 20 years of experience to understand your business. To do this, we follow a standard design-build process that has proven itself with dozens of clients. We use the process to gather the right information in the right sequence and to provide you with complete visibility. There should be no surprises.

Client review and approval is required at each step of the process. We consider your feedback and approval to be a prerequisite to proceeding on to the next phase.

Project-specific milestones are established every month to measure progress, manage changes as they occur, drive decisions in a transparent manner and keep the project focused and on track.

Our free initial consultation will answer two questions: Can we help you? And, are our cost and schedule estimate compatible with your budget and timing?

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PCA Custom Engineering Principles


Agile Process, Not A Rigid Plan

We believe that many of the best ideas come out during the course of a project. So our process is an agile process, not a rigid plan. Our experts will work closely with your team throughout the project to identify and exploit opportunities to simplify your application and business processes, eliminate waste, reduce manual inefficiencies, and remoxe errors from common business tasks.

Incremental Deliverables You Can Use

We can deliver incremental results with tangible value that you can deploy. Why wait for the entire project to complete? Our primary objective for any new project is to determine the SMALLEST set of application capabilities that are sufficient to meet your core business needs, so we can focus on building a strong foundation that can be extended over time in a cost-effective manner.

Prototypes Are Better Than Paper

Whenever possible, we will deliver highly visual prototype design concepts into your hands early in the process. Prototypes work better than long, detailed written documents.  You can react to what you see, clarify points, and make changes. When you are ready to approve the project, you will have confidence that we are on the right track with a properly scoped project, a reliable budget and appropriate schedule estimates.

Good Communication.

Frequent, effective communication is critical to project success. We will facilitate a highly-interactive exchange of information, and provide tools and methods that enable detailed project tracking and closed-loop validation of functional requirements at the project line-item level.

Phases of Our Process: [ipagelist page=18]

PCA Process