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    “The PCA crew is leagues above
    the competition” - Pepsico

  • "a prior vendor failed to develop
    the application, which (Practical) delivered." - Franklin Park

  • "the application (is) easier to use, with a
    much simpler, more intuitive use interface" - Royal Administration Services

  • "Sometimes it's the things you don't ask for
    that are important" - Royal Administration Services

  • "PCA turned our raw data and algorithms into easy to use
    and understand features and reports." - CareScout

  • "The quality and professionalism ... has been
    so outstanding that we want to send you a letter of thanks." - USALCO

  • "PCA people and applications stand out by
    far exceeding our expectations." - USALCO

  • "The resulting application greatly increas(ed)...
    our business effectiveness and efficiency." - The Advest Group

  • "PCA completes projects
    efficiently and effectively" - Pepsico

Step 1: Consultation and Evaluation Phase

Your free initial consultation with Practical Computer Applications (PCA) will answer two questions: Can we help you?  And, are our cost and schedule estimate compatible with your budget and timing?


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In the subsequent Consultation and Evaluation, our objective is to establish confidence on both sides that the project is feasible from technical, business and financial perspectives.  We also want to build a good working rapport with you as a prospective client.  Our team will work with you to develop a clear picture of your business needs, priorities and concerns.  We will help you understand the options that are available and recommend the most cost-effective approach to meeting your needs.

Factors that can influence our estimates include:

  • Scope and complexity of your business application (e.g., number of forms, tables, reports, 3rd-party controls, integrations, calculations, etc.)
  • Quality of your existing application.  For example, is your current application properly engineered? Or, is an extensive business process re-engineering required?
  • Functional gaps that may exist between your current application and, through a series of discussions, what we understand you actually need.
  • Our experience with clients in the same industry and/or similar types of applications.
  • A bottom-up engineering assessment of your business application code.

If we observe any unknowns or ambiguities during our evaluation, we will always attempt to gather additional information.    If your application needs require further focus or refinement, we will work with you to properly scope and prioritize your needs.   Our experts take a disciplined approach to help you get the most value — to properly align your business needs with your budget and schedule constraints.

Our consultants will challenge you to separate must-haves from nice-to-haves — with the objective of determining the smallest set of application capabilities that are necessary to meet your essential business needs.   It can oftentimes makes more sense to defer a new capability to keep the Project budget and schedule on track.

You will receive an estimates instead of a fixed-cost from us because we want to accommodate new requirements that can (and often do) surface during a project.   We find that when a client sees the prototype of a new solution with new capabilities, streamlined functions, and an improved user interfaces, that new possibilities emerge.

If we both determine the project is feasible and a good fit, we will send you a Project Agreement that identifies your primary business and functional objectives, initial cost and schedule estimates, and project milestones and target dates within our standard design-build process.

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